FIDOlogoThrough the development and deployment of innovative technology we will optimise the payment process to make it more convenient, more cost effective and more secure.


The consumer enjoys an enhanced user experience by being able to make PIN authenticated transactions on their on-line device


The bank can securely and efficiently authenticate the consumer, reduce fraud and increase trust in making on-line and mobile transactions


The merchant enjoys greater transaction flow, mitigates abandonment rates, reduces operational costs and prevents chargebacks

myPINpad Payment Authentication System

About Us

myPINpad is the provider of a transformational cloud based platform delivering ‘authentication as a service’ to the payments industry

Designed specifically to secure digital commerce transactions irrespective of their origin. We enable secure transactions on mobile phones, tablets and personal computers, without disrupting existing banking protocols.

Through direct PIN entry the solution facilitates improved security, reduced risk and fraud, and improved convenience. By changing the economics of the transaction, we can improve the return on investment for all stakeholders.

myPINpad has assembled a senior leadership team highly experienced in creating, financing and building technology businesses. Collectively, they have a successful track record in IT, financial services, payments and data security. They have held key positions in private and public sector organisations from start-ups through to listed businesses and in some of the world’s leading financial services institutions.

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