Shedding light over Digital Identity Management

This week we are taking part in the Mobile Ecosystem Forum London Consumer Trust Summit. Not only are we exhibiting there but David Poole, our Business Development Director, is taking part in a panel discussion on digital identity management.

Digital identity management is a rather broad term. But, in layman’s language, it refers to identifying users within a given system, group or network and controlling the access they have to various services within that network. Or, to put it more simply; knowing who someone is online.

In the online world, being able to accurately ascertain the identity of an individual is of critical importance. It is the cornerstone on which all online security and consumer trust is built upon.

It is at the heart of what MYPINPAD provides. User authentication is fundamental component of digital identity management and it is through customer authentication that they are able to access online services and carry out financial transactions.

The challenge facing online commerce is to manage digital identity in a manner that doesn’t compromises the user experience or user trust.

User experience can be compromised and harmed through a digital identity management process that is clunky and obtrusive. Consumers accept that they have to authenticate themselves to prove their identity online but, equally, if the process is too complex then the likelihood of abandonment increases.

Consumer trust can be harmed if the digital identity management system in place isn’t robust enough to keep the identities and personal information of consumers safe.

Getting the balance right is, therefore, critical. David will be discussing this and more at 1530 on Wednesday 1st December at the MEF Consumer Trust Summit at Kings Place in London.

Speaking of consumer trust, we have, this week, launched an online survey to explore what impacts on consumer trust for online commerce and how it can be improved. If you’d like to take part, you can do so here. Don’t forget to leave your email address for a chance to win a £100 voucher for a restaurant of your choice.

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