Relationship Status: Committed to PIN on Mobile

One year on from the PIN on Mobile Event

This week, while the rest of the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, we marked the first anniversary since our PIN on Mobile event.

A whole year has flown by since we proclaimed our love for the technology. On February 14th 2018, the event was hosted with PCI SSC and Consult Hyperion at Level 39 to raise awareness of PCI’s new SPoC standard and explored its impact on the retail and payments industry.

PCI standards updated

Since the occasion, there has been several updates to the PCI payments standards which closely align with our goal of increasing merchant card acceptance whilst mitigating risk for both retailer and consumer.

We have also announced successful partnerships and pilots of PIN on Mobile, ensuring more merchants across the globe can accept card payments, using affordable software-based solutions rather than the existing traditional hardware-based POS terminals.

Want to reminisce about the event? You can see video highlights of here.

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