Global leader in software-based payment solutions, MYPINPAD, announces partnership to supply international payment service provider Pomelo Pay with innovative SoftPOS technology.

9th February 2022, CARDIFF: MYPINPAD, a global leader in software-based payment solutions together with international payment service provider Pomelo Pay, today announces go live of its Tap to Pay solution to merchants in the UK. With this product businesses will be able to securely accept payments via any NFC-enabled Android device without the need for single purpose card payment terminals.

Pomelo Pay, established in 2018, uses innovative technology and a mobile-first mindset that empowers their customers with the tools they need to grow their businesses. They already provide simple to use e-commerce platforms and QR code payment solutions. This new product enriches their comprehensive suite of merchant solutions further, by enabling businesses to accept card payments on their smartphones and tablets.

As one of the first providers of new smartphone acceptance solutions this exciting new initiative is expected to power the recruitment of many thousands of new merchants initially in the UK, closely followed by Sri Lanka and the Maldives where Pomelo Pay already has a presence. Attracted by the rapid merchant onboarding, low start-up costs and flexible acceptance solutions, merchants will be able to grow their businesses quickly without the need for hardware.

The partnership will make accepting payments digitally more accessible for many merchants who may not have previously been able to afford the costs of expensive traditional payment terminals. What it will also mean for Pomelo Pay’s clients is that the onboarding process will take minutes. This compares favourably with the traditional merchant onboarding process with more conventional payment service providers which can sometimes take days or even weeks to complete.

David Poole, Global Head of Mobile Solutions at MYPINPAD comments on the partnership: “We are delighted to have partnered with such an innovative provider as Pomelo Pay to launch this solution in the UK, and look forward to opening several other markets globally with them in 2022 and beyond.”

Vincent Choi, CEO of Pomelo Pay comments: “We are proud to be working with an experienced global partner to launch a PCI certified solution. We are pleased to be live first in the UK and look forward to opening several Asian markets in 2022.”

Morten Hofstad, Head of Asia Pacific at MYPINPAD adds: “This is a significant milestone in the SoftPOS journey. MYPINPAD together with Pomelo Pay have a mission to make SoftPOS solutions mainstream across the globe. Following the successful launch in the UK, we are excited to expand to several markets in Asia in 2022.”