Global authentication expert sets security benchmark, offering an enhanced payment experience for all consumers

20th October 2020 LONDON: Visa has granted Visa Ready certification for MYPINPAD’s Tap to Phone mPOS solution, with optional PIN capture for Android devices running Android version 8 and higher. This means that MYPINPAD’s Tap to Phone solution with PIN is now available to all interested Visa acquirers where PIN authentication is required. This is a significant milestone as we move closer to a world where secure and safer omni-channel payments for consumers of all ages, abilities and environments has become a global priority.

MYPINPAD’s leading-edge technology brings a seismic shift to the safety and overall experience of payments, enabling merchants to accept contactless transactions of any amount directly onto mobile devices with the consumer simply entering their PIN for all transactions over the contactless limit. By transforming mobile devices into payment acceptance devices, MYPINPAD’s solution democratises payment card acceptance and enables merchants to innovate and design their omni channel experiences via the company’s PCI approved payments and authentication platform.

MYPINPAD’s vision is to replace dedicated payments hardware entirely with software allowing a single, unified experience that will unlock unparalleled possibilities in omnichannel experiences, enabling a world where card present transactions are available over all channels. Safer for the consumer, simpler and easier to use, and bringing significant benefits for retailers that are not possible with current payment options.

Visa Ready for Tap to Phone recognizes ready-to-deploy solutions that meet Visa requirements and standards for security. The certification provides sellers with greater confidence that technology partners, such as MYPINPAD, offer leading solutions and capabilities to help simplify the process of identifying the right partner and expertise, streamline testing and implementation, and expedite overall time-to market.

Founder of MYPINPAD, Justin Pike, commented: “The Visa Ready certification enables a truly software-based acceptance solution without limits and puts us one step closer to achieving a ubiquitous solution for secure omnichannel payments. Increasingly, there is a blurring of the lines between the digital and offline worlds, so meeting the Visa standard for Tap to Phone mPOS with optional PIN capture is a vital step in removing legacy payments hardware. Looking to the future enables the creation of a seamless payment experience for consumers that can be the same across all channels.”

“Now more than ever, billions of people expect the convenience of paying with their cards wherever they shop, yet there are still many situations where digital payments are not an option. Visa Tap to Phone aims to change this, providing sellers with a more cost-effective, secure and turnkey way to accept digital payments via everyday devices, such as a mobile phone or tablet,” said Mary Kay Bowman, global head of buyer and seller solutions, Visa. “Our work with partners like MYPINPAD is helping to scale the use of Tap to Phone globally and reduce some of the hurdles a seller – of virtually any size – may face when beginning to accept contactless payments for the first time.”

As Tap to Pay usage increases around the world, MYPINPAD’s innovation will help reduce friction in the consumer payment experience and further support a drive toward contactless transactions. For example, in APAC, there is a 3.8x lift in Visa authorized transactions per active card used in a Tap to Pay transaction, compared to 1.8 with a non-user of Tap to Pay.

MYPINPAD is the only company in the world to have obtained PCI accreditation for software PIN entry on Android and iOS devices and the first in the world to achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council (SSC) certification for its software only Contactless Payments on Commercial off-the-shelf (CPoC) solution.

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MYPINPAD is the global leader in secure personal authentication solutions residing on commercially available smartphones and tablets. Our proprietary and globally patented technology secures and protects the input of sensitive information on touchscreens creating a trusted environment. MYPINPAD’s innovative solution set removes the reliance on specialised hardware for personal authentication; reduces cost and complexity, promotes rapid adoption and leverages the connected capabilities of smart devices.