MYPINPAD on the Future of Payments Report

In May this year, MYPINPAD was proud to be associated with Raconteur’s in-depth survey of the Future of Payments. In an industry as fast moving as ours, debate and analysis of trends is to be welcomed and encouraged.

Leading payments players such as HSBC, VocaLink and the Payments Council discussed their own visions of the future of payments and while there is disagreement of how to get there, it is agreed that the future will be digital and ‘on-the-move’.

What the report really got to the heart of was what consumers actually want from payments systems. While the industry is often focused on making payments swift and simple, what matters most to consumers, it would seem, is security. This does raise an important question as to whether the industry innovators are out of step with what consumers want. It is vital that innovators balance the needs of all parties within a transaction.

This report was run by The Sunday Times and reached 1.68 million readers. On top of that it has already been exclusively downloaded almost 1,000 times. If you would like to know more about the report and access its articles, get the full feature here.

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