MYPINPAD Announces UK Go Live of SoftPOS Partnership with CabCard Services to Bring Mobile Payments to Taxis

Global leader in software-based payment solutions, MYPINPAD, announces partnership to supply specialist taxi sector payments provider CabCard Services with innovative SoftPoS technology.

1st February 2022, CARDIFF: MYPINPAD, a global leader in software-based payment solutions, today announces a new strategic partnership with CabCard Services.

A payment services provider for the taxi sector since 2006, CabCard will incorporate MYPINPAD’s PCI-approved Software Point of Sale (SoftPoS) technology, allowing taxi fleet operators and drivers to accept card payments – as well as mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay – directly on commercial off-the-shelf Android devices without the need for the fleet or driver to purchase or use any additional hardware.

The new partnership will process transactions via Tietoevry who certified the MYPINPAD solution in 2021. Importantly this shortened the project time, enabling CabCard to move quickly to market with their solution.

David Poole, Global Head of Mobile Solutions at MYPINPAD said: “We’re thrilled that our SoftPoS technology will be used in taxis up and down the country. CabCard is a leader in its field and, as such, we’re incredibly proud to announce this partnership to support CabCard with innovative card acceptance technology. Taxi firms that are able to offer their passengers this functionality will quickly begin to stand out in the crowded market, and we expect others to want to follow suit. The partnership with CabCard has the potential to transform the taxi experience for passengers and their drivers alike.”

Chris Jamieson, Director and CTO at CabCard said: “Since 2006, we have provided the UK taxi sector with a fully managed, low-cost card payment processing solution, allowing our customers to attract more passengers by offering a simple, reliable, convenient and secure face to face means of payment. MYPINPAD’s SoftPoS technology offers even greater security with its customer verification app and fraud detection service ensuring a driver’s mobile device is protected prior to a fare being accepted.

For our company, it represents the next stage in our digital evolution and highlights our status as an industry leader. For our customers, it means they can dispense with the costs of in-car payment hardware, instead using their existing Android devices. This offers access to an even more convenient payment solution focused on contactless payments, with robust security and PIN entry capability.”

The service went live on 1st February 2022. Please contact CabCard Services for details on the offering at or +44 (0)203 955 5400.