Looking Forward to Autumn Events

As we come to the end of summer, we are already looking towards the final quarter of the year and, in particular, two events where MYPINPAD will attend: The Vendorcom Special Interest Group (SIG) on Payment Innovation and eCommerce Expo 2015.

Events such as these are central to the progressive discussions necessary in our industry. First and foremost, they enable vendors and potential clients to meet and discuss opportunities to work together and solve the on-going challenges across the e-commerce spectrum.

But aside from the commercial possibilities offered by industry gatherings, the most crucial aspect is the opportunity for debate, insight and collaboration.

The digital/online and payments industries are incredibly fast moving. Innovation seems constant and, as is the nature of innovation, for every success there are hundreds of ideas that fell by the wayside. So the opportunity to take part and help influence what comes next is to be embraced.

The Vendorcom SIG on Payment Innovation takes a particular look at “equipping the payment community to deal with the challenges it faces when new initiatives and standards are introduced.” Thereby helping sectors such as hospitality, the public sector, transport and small business explore specialised solutions, and look at developing omni-channel solutions while being mindful of regulation.

There are many individuals and organisations in the industry that are not only striving to offer scalable and adaptable solutions, but are extremely generous in offering up their time to provide guidance to anyone asking for help. These forums

eCommerce Expo is on a larger scale than the Payment Technologies SIG and features a much wider range of discussions and opportunities. Exhibitors from around the world will be descending on London to network, debate and, hopefully, create new business opportunities.

Market needs are constantly changing and it is everyone’s responsibility to not merely keep up with demand, but to anticipate future demand in order to be ready to meet the challenges businesses will be facing over the next few years.

With free seminars on consumer behaviour in e-commerce, on how to overcome the digital skills gap, and on payments as the key of ecommerce success, the eCommerce Expo is both a networking event and an opportunity for real-world education.

It is at these events where new ideas are born, where ideas become solutions and where solutions become marketable products. Events such as these allow us to share our expertise, and also gain new insight into market requirements and industry trends so we can continue to be at the cutting edge of authentication technology.

At no other time in the history of payments has there been so much turmoil, and so much opportunity, it’s only though collaboration and events like these that the best ideas survive.

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