Android Developer

The Role

The primary purpose and scope of the Android Developer is to help develop and support existing MYPINPAD products. Working with the Android Development Team, Services Development Team and UX Team, the Android Developer will be a passionate app developer who enjoys a technical challenge.

Background and context

PIN on Mobile is a transformative technology, which will lead to a massive expansion in mobile acceptance devices. Point-of-sale terminals and PIN entry mPOS devices will be replaced by everyday smartphones and tablets running secure payment software. This has only been made possible by the card scheme security council (PCI) publishing a new standard on how PIN can be securely captured by a smartphone or tablet. This new standard is known as Software-based PIN Entry on COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf); SPoC, or also known as PIN on Mobile.

MYPINPAD is industry recognised as one of the leading experts in this extremely complex field having invested over 6 years and millions of pounds in defining, developing, and enabling PIN entry capability on a smartphone or tablet. Utilising a standard PIN pad image (not scrambled), ensures seamless customer adoption, while in-built support for the visually impaired delivers a fully inclusive solution.

A number of key industry partnerships have been forged and contracts have been signed to deploy this cutting edge technology across the globe.

The market opportunity is huge with the card scheme predicting market growth to be in the region of 300 million acceptance points in the next 5 years.

Key Responsibilities and expectations

  • Help maintain existing MYPINPAD packages, and design and develop new ones
  • Help maintain and support existing MYPINPAD apps
  • Develop unit, integration, and interface tests
  • Participate in reviews of new and modified code
  • Help identify and document issues, and troubleshoot and fix those reported by others

Knowledge, Skills & Experience Required

  • Experience with designing and writing unit tests, using version control systems and using continuous integration solutions
  • Experience developing Android apps using Java / Kotlin
  • A solid understanding of key Android APIs and components, including those relating to user-interfaces, network communications, inter-app communication, permissions, and security
  • Be familiar with, or have some experience with: The C language, NDK, cryptography
  • Be inquisitive and enjoy investigating how things work, and why
  • Enjoy communicating ideas and insights; this will manifest itself in personal communication and in the code and documentation you create
  • Has an interest in scaling CI/CD and improving Ops flow
  • Enjoying creating a polished UI matching exacting specification


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