eService and Mastercard win the eDucat Industry Award using MYPINPAD solution

eService and Mastercard won the eDucat Industry Award at the 7th Cashless Congress, in the category ‘New product changing the non-cash payments market.’ The companies were awarded for the pilot roll-out of the innovative LitePOS solution using the ‘Pin on mobile’ technology. LitePOS, thanks to the connection of a smartphone with a compact card reader, enables secure PIN entry on merchants’ mobile devices. Until now, this solution was reserved exclusively for payment terminals.

‘The LitePOS project, one of the first solutions based on ‘PIN on mobile’ technology in the world, is an important step towards further dissemination of non-cash transactions, in particular card payments. It enables the creation of a fully mobile and, at the same time, very affordable device that will provide everyone – even the smallest entrepreneur – with safe and convenient acceptance of payments from customers,’ emphasizes Joanna Seklecka, CEO of eService.

The solution developed by eService and Mastercard consists in the connection of smartphones or tablets with Android OS (from version 7.0 to Nougat) and the payment application LitePOS developed by eService, with an accessory card reader by Ingenico. Ingenico has also integrated all the components from the reader to the monitoring back-end into one seamless solution. It allows you to create a pocket-sized kit that supports transactions using chip and proximity cards, as well as NFC technology in smartphones (GPay, ApplePay, etc.). One of the unique features of the new solution, which distinguishes it from other attempts to use smartphones to accept payments, is the ability to securely enter cardholder PIN into the phone itself. This has only been possible thanks to MYPINPAD’s PIN on Mobile authentication platform which delivers this capability while maintaining the highest security standards. As a result, LitePOS is one of the first solutions in the world that allows you to accept payments with PIN authorization on a smartphone. This means that with LitePOS you can also accept payments exceeding the value of PLN 50, which is currently the limit for ‘PIN-free’ transactions.

The pilot roll-out of the new technology is accompanied by opinion polls among the users.  The results of the polls show that:

  • More than half of the users of the pilot solution declare their readiness to use the device in their own company. Some of them reported the desire to buy and use the device immediately.
  • 66% of the respondents would gladly use such a device while shopping(18% have no opinion, 16% would have doubts).
  • Contactless payments capability (70%) as well as Innovation (76%), simplicity of use (73%) and convenience (71%) were rated highly.
  • Entrepreneurs recognize the potential in using the device for handling payments in businesses requiring mobility (beauty treatments at the customer’s home, taxi, etc.)

The solution is of utmost interest to entrepreneurs who need to accept card payments with relatively little frequency. Among the examples could be entrepreneurs providing cosmetic services, personal trainers, construction industry service providers, service personnel or couriers.

The eDucat Industry Awards have been granted for the fifth time by the Foundation for Development of Cashless Payments, FROB, to leading companies and experts in the non-cash payment market. This year’s second eDucat for eService is the result of cooperation with the payment organization Mastercard and partners – Ingenico, the global leader in seamless payments, as well as MYPINPAD – a provider of personal authentication solutions designed to reside on commercially available smartphones and tablets.