Biometrics and Gaming

Companies in the business of selling must ensure that their customers are offered the easiest and most user-friendly options to browse, fill a basket and, crucially, complete the check-out process. The reality is, we don’t hang around if we’re made to wait.

And why should we? New technologies are emerging all the time to streamline the modern consumer’s mobile check-in and detail population experience. From retail to banking, we expect businesses to make our lives easier.

When talking about leisure industries such as online gaming, the issue is even more pertinent. Users don’t expect to be frustrated when registering, depositing and playing in online games. They expect to have a great and hassle-free user experience.

Small wonder, then, that the gaming industry is currently locked into an ongoing debate about how to reduce the high churn rates that are currently plaguing gaming operators in the mobile channel.

The industry is so popular that gaming companies already have to work hard enough to attract customers from their rivals. The last thing they want to see is these same users churning to other operators on the promise of better odds, offers and games.

But why are so many gamers being driven from operator to operator in a merry-go-round of frustration?

The answer lies with KYC and anti-money laundering compliance issues that force companies to embed laborious authentication processes into all stages of the gaming account, from registration to pay-out.

In their hunt for a solution that streamlines this process whilst upholding security standards, many have turned to biometric security. In theory, it’s the perfect solution. Mobile devices are ideally suited to a quick thumbprint for unlocking and authorising an iTunes purchase, for example.

Biometrics can be a fun, effective and trusted security measure. Does it, then, represent the jackpot for gaming operators? In truth, probably not.

In fact, trusting biometrics alone to handle your authentication and security measures may be the equivalent to throwing your customer’s security and loyalty on red or black.

Like a wily blackjack player using all their available tips, tricks and skills, gaming operators need to consider all the tools they have at their disposal when it comes to security.

Specifically, the mix of something you have (the phone), something you are (your thumbprint) and something you know (PIN or passcode) helps bolster security measures without compromising on user experience.

Gamers love to win money, and operators love to know that they are providing a secure and enjoyable experience. What everyone loves, however, is convenience, and multi-factor authentication can ensure that mobile gaming is a win for all.

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