Android Developers

At MYPINPAD we develop industry changing payment and authentication solutions. We are looking for an Android developer to join our small experienced team; you will help develop and support existing MYPINPAD products.

Working with the Android Development Team, Services Development Team and UX Team, you will: 

  • Help maintain existing MYPINPAD packages, and design and develop new ones 
  • Help maintain and support existing MYPINPAD apps 
  • Develop unit, integration, and interface tests 
  • Participate in reviews of new and modified code 
  • Help identify and document issues, and troubleshoot and fix those reported by others 

You will: 

  • Be inquisitive and enjoy investigating how things work, and why 
  • Enjoy communicating ideas and insights; this will manifest itself in personal communication and in the code and documentation you create 
  • Have experience with: designing and writing unit tests, using version control systems, using continuous integration solutions 
  • Have experience developing Android apps using Java and / or Kotlin
  • Have a solid understanding of key Android APIs and components, including those relating to user-interfaces, network communications, inter-app communication, permissions, and security 
  • Perhaps be familiar with, or have some experience with: The C language, NDK, cryptography 

We will: 

  • Supply the equipment and tools you need to do your best work 
  • Invest in you, provide access to training materials and events, send you to software development and industry conferences, provide regular feedback and encouragement 

This role comes with a competitive salary.  If you are interested and have the skills and experience, please send your CV to As part of our applicant screening, we also ask you to answer the question below:

Submit some code which will accept a string, and will return true if the first letter of that string is found in the range [A-Z]. Please also submit a test method.