A Very Different Halloween Horror Story

For many, Halloween is a time for fun, trick or treating, fancy dress, carving pumpkins and apple bobbing. For others, however, Halloween is a time for telling scary tales of witches, vampires and ghosts, playing pranks and watching horror films.

In today’s digital society, it is easier than ever for a horror story to become real life. Being tricked out of your money and identity for example, is easier and more common than you think.

In the UK, 1 in 10 people had to cancel a credit or debit card in the last year after falling victim to fraud. About 4.5 million bank cards were cancelled and more than £2.1bn stolen in the past 12 months. Around 31% of victims said they had been targeted while paying for something online, while 10% had their card duplicated at an ATM, and 8% said they had been hacked while making a contactless payment.[1]

Official figures revealed that fraud had become the most common type of crime in England and Wales, with almost six million incidents of fraud and computer misuse in between April 2015 and March 2016.[2]

Each of these cases is a minor crime that won’t make the headlines, but put them together and they are a spine chilling reminder of the horror of fraud.

Fighting a vampire requires holy water and a stake through the heart. Fighting a werewolf requires a silver bullet. And fighting fraud requires rigorous online ID and verification methods to ensure that customers are who they say they are.

That’s why MYPINPAD is working to make online ID&V secure and safe. Because fighting the fraud committing bogeymen is a 365 day a year job, and not just for Halloween.




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