A move towards ‘harmony’ in fintech will inspire innovation, says MYPINPAD


London 09 December 2016  – MYPINPAD, an enabler of secure multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets,  is proud to announce its participation as a founder member of the recently launched Monitise FINKit partner programme.

The FINKit partner programme sees MYPINPAD join industry heavyweights such as MasterCard and Experian in a new programme designed to accelerate digital transformation in financial services.

FINKit is a cloud-based platform and toolkit designed specifically for the financial sector. It aims to free banks from the constraints of their existing legacy systems and enable a focus on innovation. With its vision of simplifying and standardising mobile authentication, MYPINPAD will play a leading role in this exciting industry uniting development. Especially when it comes to enabling multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices..

David Poole, Business Development Director of MYPINPAD said: “We know that one of the major hurdles holding back our industry is that it is fragmented. Bringing fit-for-purpose digital banking to market needs a number of services, such as location based services, tokenisation and digital authentication, to work together in harmony to provide holistic solutions. This means that our industry has to set new standards in collaboration. We are pleased that our enabling technology has been recognised as having an important role to play in making this ambition a reality, especially in step-up authentication.”

MYPINPAD and the other founding partners have made their solutions and services available together on cloud-based FINKit platform, in order to promote and drive industry-wide collaboration and the co-creation and launch of exciting new digital customer propositions in banking and payments.





MYPINPAD (MPP) is an enabler of secure multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets. MYPINPAD provides a modular PaaS or customer-hosted platform that delivers security with familiar and friendly user authentication interfaces, including biometrics and cardholder PIN.


MPP operates throughout Europe and Asia. Simple integration with modern and legacy payment systems enables acquirers, issuers, card schemes, merchants and PSP’s around the world to better manage risk and fraud.


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