The Arrival of PIN on Mobile

This eBook explores the current in-store payments landscape and discusses a new, major development in the evolution of payment technology and acceptance: PIN on Mobile.

PIN on Mobile (PoM) provides all retailers with an innovative and streamlined capability to secure card payments on consumer off the shelf (COTS) devices during face-to-face transactions. Designed to increase payment acceptance volumes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience, PoM is the payments industry’s latest innovation in card payment acceptance. 

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Consumer Trust Report

More than £1.7m a day was lost to financial fraud across payment cards in the UK last year, with losses on card purchases made remotely comprising £1m of this daily figure. This news makes for uncomfortable reading and has inevitably had a negative impact on consumers’ trust in online banking and shopping.

To gain a better understanding of how news of rising online fraud and data breaches have impacted consumers’ use of mobile and online payments, MYPINPAD conducted a survey to ascertain what could be done to boost consumer confidence and trust in online transactions, specifically in terms of security and authentication.

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One-Time-Passwords in the Digital Era

For the past 25 years, one-time-passwords (OTPs) have been relied upon by the financial services industry as an authentication tool for online banking. When consumers access their online banking platform on their browser and attempt to make a transaction, the OTP is usually sent to their mobile phone by an SMS. The user will then enter the OTP into their bank’s online banking platform to authenticate the transaction.

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ID&V – A secure and seamless authentication solution at your fingertips

The identification & verification (ID&V) of consumers plays a crucial role in fraud prevention, customer data protection and regulatory compliance, but businesses face a significant challenge in finding the right balance between usability, customer experience and security.

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MYPINPAD Global Consumer Survey Findings. Attitudes Towards PIN Authentication

MYPINPAD has recently commissioned a third party, unique online survey to explore consumer attitudes towards, and acceptance of, using their card PIN number for mobile commerce transaction authentication.

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