MYPINPAD’s PIN on Mobile Technology to be Piloted in Poland

Mastercard and eService begin testing new technology, where a smartphone can act as payment terminal

Warsaw, December 20, 2018: MYPINPAD, the global leader in payment acceptance and customer authentication solutions, is delighted that Mastercard and eService have announced a pilot implementation of the LitePOS solution enabling smartphones, developed by Ingenico and featuring MYPINPAD technology,  to fulfil the functions that have been so far reserved for payment terminals. LitePOS operates based on the innovative “PIN on Mobile” technology. The combination of a smartphone and a Secure Card Reader makes it possible to safely accept card payments in the amounts exceeding PLN 50, which requires entering the PIN code. This is the first such an implementation on the Polish market, and one of the first three in Europe. Several hundred eService customers can participate in the pilot, which will last until June 2019.

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