The Arrival of PIN on Mobile

This eBook explores the current in-store payments landscape and discusses a new, major development in the evolution of payment technology and acceptance: PIN on Mobile.

PIN on Mobile (PoM) provides all retailers with an innovative and streamlined capability to secure card payments on consumer off the shelf (COTS) devices during face-to-face transactions. Designed to increase payment acceptance volumes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience, PoM is the payments industry’s latest innovation in card payment acceptance. 

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PIN on Mobile Set to Revolutionise the Payments Industry, says MYPINPAD

London, UK 20th October MYPINPAD, a global leader in payments software authentication solutions, today released its eBook highlighting the Company’s capability to service the emerging PIN on Mobile (PoM) market. PoM is the latest innovation in payment acceptance for in-store transactions and is set to revolutionise the industry.

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Payments without PIN – ‘A Green Light for Fraud’

MPs and fraud prevention groups have recently raised concerns over the policies of some banks after an investigation found that in-store card payments were being accepted without a PIN. During the investigation by The Daily Telegraph, it was found that cardholders were able to make payments with just a signature, if they did not know their PIN.

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