Why should we be interested in consumer trust?

Consumer trust is the absolute bedrock on which digital commerce is based; it is absolutely critical. If consumers don’t trust the processes or new implemented technology, they won’t use it.

This is the reason why we are currently engaged in a social media sourced survey looking into consumer trust in digital transactions. We would, of course, be pleased if you could take five minutes to take part.

Our survey takes a particular focus on banking and financial transactions and with very good reason.

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A move towards ‘harmony’ in fintech will inspire innovation, says MYPINPAD


London 09 December 2016  – MYPINPAD, an enabler of secure multi-factor authentication for unsecured touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets,  is proud to announce its participation as a founder member of the recently launched Monitise FINKit partner programme.

The FINKit partner programme sees MYPINPAD join industry heavyweights such as MasterCard and Experian in a new programme designed to accelerate digital transformation in financial services.

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Shedding light over Digital Identity Management

This week we are taking part in the Mobile Ecosystem Forum London Consumer Trust Summit. Not only are we exhibiting there but David Poole, our Business Development Director, is taking part in a panel discussion on digital identity management.

Digital identity management is a rather broad term. But, in layman’s language, it refers to identifying users within a given system, group or network and controlling the access they have to various services within that network. Or, to put it more simply; knowing who someone is online.

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