Why a little bit of friction is no bad thing

In a video for Fintech Finance, David Poole, our Director of Business Development, spoke about our work with Worldpay in demoing the MYPINPAD solution.

One critical topic he discussed was that of security and giving consumers control over their transactions. This is an area we have been vocal on and with good reason.

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MYPINPAD Joins Vendorcom’s All Party Parliamentary Group on Payment Systems

MYPINPAD is excited to announce its participation in the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Payment Systems, launched by membership organisation Vendorcom. The group will address key developments in payments systems that affect consumers and merchant businesses. It will also look at the role of payment systems in ensuring the stability of the UK economy and society.

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EMVCo Growth Report is Good News for Global Security

Global technical body EMVCo recently reported that by the end of 2015, 4.8million EMV payment cards were in circulation globally.[1] This is very good news for consumer data security. With the EMV protocol, card data is stored on an integrated circuit rather than on a magnetic strip, making it extremely difficult to clone. A key component of EMV’s success is its simplicity; where chip & PIN is in place, the user only has to remember a short 4-digit PIN and their payment card to conduct a secure transaction.

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