Multi-factor authentication: key to a secure banking experience

The way we bank is changing. Consumers are increasingly using alternative banking methods such as mobile, telephone or online, and we are seeing a decline in in-branch transactions.[1] This shift in banking habits poses new challenges for banks in regards to the identification and verification of consumers. When transactions are carried out in branch, this process has traditionally been much easier.

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Biometrics and Gaming

Companies in the business of selling must ensure that their customers are offered the easiest and most user-friendly options to browse, fill a basket and, crucially, complete the check-out process. The reality is, we don’t hang around if we’re made to wait.

And why should we? New technologies are emerging all the time to streamline the modern consumer’s mobile check-in and detail population experience. From retail to banking, we expect businesses to make our lives easier.

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The Pivotal Role of Emerging Technology in Fighting Fraud and Improving the Customer Journey

We recently shared our latest whitepaper looking at the role of PIN as an identification & verification (ID&V) tool.

ID&V plays an important role in fraud prevention, customer data protection and regulatory compliance. When a consumer is using online banking, or wants to register their card with a merchant for the first time, they have to authenticate themselves and verify their card.

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