Making the holiday shopping season safe, secure and profitable

Balancing Security And Festive Cheer During The Holidays

Black Friday and Cyber Monday were once strictly American phenomena but are now being adopted by retail worldwide. They mark the beginning of a retail bonanza that often lasts well into February.

Shoppers rush to buy goods at discount prices on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and then continue shopping throughout December until Christmas, before the next spending frenzy of the January sales begins in earnest.

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LONDON, UK, 23rd November, 2015 –  MYPINPAD, a UK based technology company which enables multi-channel and multi-factor authentication via the Cardholder PIN, announces a new partnership with VocaLink, the international payments provider, to bring their PIN based authentication solution to digital commerce applications.

VocaLink, a driving force in UK payment processing innovation and the chosen provider of three principal UK payment transaction services (BACS, Faster Payments Service and the LINK ATM Service) has recently completed successful proof of concept trials with MYPINPAD, leading to the execution of a five-year agreement.

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Survey reveals consumers trust the familiarity of PIN for online authentication

MYPINPAD today announces the initial findings from its exclusive Mobile PIN authentication survey. The unique online consumer study sought to understand consumer attitudes to combining cardholder PIN with mobile authentication for online payment.

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Chip & Choice: The US EMV Story So Far

The EMV liability shift has been in effect in the United States for just over a month since its deadline of 1st October. This shift saw the country make a more concerted move towards the same in-store payment authentication method we are familiar with in Europe, and most of the world.

One trend is already clear, every player – except those with a vested interest – was wishing for something else, as is evidenced by its far from impressive adoption.

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